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Let shadow IT guide infrastructure development

By | February 12, 2015 | Cloud, Shadow IT | [ 0 ]

By John Grady 
With a flexible attitude toward application adoption and infrastructure development, this generation’s leaders can harness the momentum of shadow IT.

Perceived as bringing security and performance risk to the enterprise environment, employee-driven IT movements tend to get a bad reputation – and labels such as “shadow IT” certainly don’t help the cause. According to The Register, technological developments fueled and fulfilled by end-user demand are becoming a staple of the corporate IT arena, in many cases dissolving…

Small businesses must confront shadow IT head on

By | February 10, 2015 | Cloud, Shadow IT | [ 0 ]

By John Grady
Will SMBs fall victim to a cyber-crisis or find a way to snuff out the shadows for a stronger, more cohesive IT strategy?

Shadow IT is a controversial phenomenon sweeping the enterprise…

Connecting to the Cloud: Stop Fighting the Shadows

By | February 5, 2015 | Cloud, Shadow IT | [ 0 ]

By John Grady
Decision-makers can shift gears into a new era of cooperative shadow IT by embracing services such as AWS Direct Connect.

While cloud computing has empowered a new generation of enterprise end users…

Network Enabled Cloud solution coordinates multi-cloud environments

By | February 3, 2015 | Cloud, Hybrid Cloud | [ 0 ]

By John Hanton 
The value of the hybrid cloud is undeniable when coupled with the corporate WAN and dedicated bandwidth.

In today’s enterprise IT, it’s not uncommon to see a diverse array of both in-house…

Hybrid cloud security demands total network unity

By | January 27, 2015 | Cloud Computing, Hybrid Cloud | [ 0 ]

By Sam Koetter 
While more business leaders are accepting hybrid cloud deployments as the optimal choice in data center provisioning, the security challenges that accompany these strategies are still a issue for IT administrators everywhere.…

3 Powerful ways to maximize UC investments

By Sheldon Smith
Here are three ways that companies can boost the effectiveness of their UC deployments and make the most of these IT investments.

Unified communications is an integral part of the modern enterprise…

5 steps to map out a future in the cloud

By John Grady
Decision-makers must create a painstakingly thorough roadmap that details a crystal-clear progression away from legacy systems and toward the off-premise promised land.

For most of today’s enterprise IT decision-makers, all eyes are…