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Millennials Influence Collaboration And Flexibility With BYOD

By | December 15, 2014 | Applications, Cloud, Mobile, MPLS | [ 0 ]

By Stephanie Hoaglund
Decision-makers will have to ensure that their user policies, application offerings and IT infrastructure capabilities are prepared to keep up with the rapid pace set by the millennial contingent.
Millennials are transforming the corporate environment in a number of drastic ways, infusing collaborative and social elements to a traditionally static and hierarchical arena. Communications are now free-flowing across a variety of channels, and applications sanctioned by the enterprise – as well as several beyond this domain –…

3 Tools To Maximize And Protect Hybrid Cloud Investments

By | December 15, 2014 | Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, MPLS | [ 0 ]

By John Grady
Here are three powerful tools IT teams can employ to ensure they protect every corner of their hybrid cloud setups and maximize their investments for years to come.
The hybrid cloud is…

4 Ways The Cloud Is Revolutionizing Human Resources

By Stephanie Hoaglund
Human resources in the digital age is all about responsiveness, meeting the demands of a workforce bringing high expectations to the table. In many ways, HR serves as the internal equivalent of…

Does Your IT Department Resemble The Wild West?

By | December 8, 2014 | Cloud, IT | [ 0 ]

By John Hanton
Many of today’s IT departments resemble the Wild West when it comes to administrators trying to master their domains.
Despite the development of high-performance enterprise infrastructures built to support dynamic business operations,…

Stay On The Ball With Bandwidth Freedom

By John Hanton
From security to end user control and service level agreements, business leaders still seem to raise red flags regarding the cloud.

Risk hides in every corner of the enterprise IT environment, and…

Unlocking The Power Of The Hybrid Cloud

By John Grady
The value of the hybrid cloud is undeniable when coupled with the corporate WAN and dedicated bandwidth.
In today’s enterprise IT, it’s not uncommon to see a diverse array of both in-house…

Quick Scalability Enhanced With Bandwidth On Demand (BoD)

By John Hanton 
BoD ensures that an enterprise network infrastructure is up to the challenges of the burstable cloud usage, and can return to normal after a rush has passed.
When it comes to IT…