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I'm the Director of Product Management for XO’s data products. I've got over 20 years of Telecom experience that has included managing all types of voice and data products across different customer segments. I've been recognized for having a knack for predicting where the market is heading for my products. When I'm not thinking about building the next telecom product, I enjoy quiet time at home with the family and spending time at the beach.

I've got a BA in Political Science from University of Virginia and a Masters degree from University of Miami.

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Hacktivism, Malware, Cloud Security: A Review of Our 2015 Update

It’s likely, that in 2016 companies will continue to be confronted with various dangers surrounding IT security. Here’s a look back at a review of our 2015 update, on some of the leading risks. In…

Top 10 Telecom Predictions for 2014

By | January 9, 2014 | Industry Trends | [ 0 ]
By Eric Points It’s that time of year again when I pull out my crystal ball to divine which new trends and technologies will have a major impact on the telecom industry over the coming…

In Defense of MPLS IP-VPN

By | November 12, 2013 | MPLS | [ 0 ]
By Eric Points Over the last few months, I’ve seen some Industry analysts ask the question “Is MPLS dead”. Of course, the short answer is no. Even those asking the question, will readily admit that…

What do Cloud, Mobile Internet, 3-D Printing and Internet of Things Have in Common?

By | September 23, 2013 | Cloud, Industry Trends, Networking | [ 0 ]
By Eric Points The network, of course!  The Cloud, Mobile Internet, 3-D Printing, and Internet of Things are rapidly changing the way we live our lives. These technologies are truly transformative. And, when I use…

A Year Later… Where is the New Internet?

By | May 14, 2013 | Industry Trends | [ 0 ]
Last year at this time, I wrote about a change to the Internet that is going to affect all of our lives. It is a change that the vast majority of Internet users still have…

Back to the Future – The Reemergence of Token Ring Networking

By | April 1, 2013 | Ethernet, Networking | [ 0 ]
By Eric Points The 1980s are back in fashion. The nostalgia of the era is everywhere. One item of 1980s technology that has reemerged is Token Ring networking. With the growing adoption of mainframe computing…

The Interplanetary Internet – Science Fiction or Fact?

By | February 27, 2013 | Communications, Industry Trends | [ 0 ]
By Eric Points In the telecom industry, product roadmaps are usually constructed based on 1 to 3 year views of the market. However, in this blog, I have decided to take a longer view of…