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About Ramani Pandurangan

I've spent the last ten years overseeing the architecture, design, testing and implementation of voice over IP (VoIP) technologies and platforms across the XO network. My role includes support of the company's award-winning business and wholesale VoIP services, and the transformation of the XO voice network from a circuit switched environment to one based on VoIP and softswitch platforms.

I'm an active speaker and panelist in the telecommunications and networking event circuit and participate in several standards bodies including ATS and ITU. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Master's degree in Computer Science. I also hold a Master's in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and an MBA from McGill University. I enjoy tennis, hockey (Montreal Canadians fan), music, and Star Trek.

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Semantic Web – From Data Silos to “Web of Data”?

By | January 11, 2013 | Industry Trends | [ 0 ]
Imagine a world where the documents you retrieve from web sites have no links to any other document in any site. In terms of data on the Web today, this is where we are. Data…

Whither Goest WebRTC? – Part 2

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In this post and part one, I describe how the industry is taking notice of ongoing developments that allow browsers to conduct real-time unicast or group communications (including audio, video, etc.) between client browsers and…

Whither Goest WebRTC? – Part 1

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You may recall that, in my last blog, Are You Ready for the Browser Makeover, I gave you an overview of ongoing developments that allow browsers to conduct real time unicast or group communications (including…

Are You Ready for the Browser Makeover?

What is one of the most ubiquitous user communication devices? If you said Web browser you’d be right. Consider the following global statistics.[1]  In 2011: – Fixed and mobile connections reached 7 billion worldwide. –…

SIP Trunking Comes with Benefits You Can’t Ignore

So, your company is growing. The growth could be organic, through acquisitions or both. As a result, the complexity of managing multiple locations and multiple types of PBX equipment is giving you and your team…