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Gartner's Top Tech Trends Reflect Growing Network Demands: Part One

by Stephanie Hoaglund
Earlier this month, XO played a major role in game-changing discussions with the more than 8,500 senior IT professionals who attended the annual Gartner Symposium and ITExpo. During the conference, Gartner released…

XO Communications: High Speed Networking Industry Leader

By | October 16, 2014 | Cloud, Industry Trends, Networking, WAN | [ 0 ]

by John Grady
A recent article published by Wired Magazine, The Shadow Internet That’s 100 Times Faster Than Google Fiber, discusses the Energy Science Network (ESnet).  The ESnet is “a set of private pipes that…

The New IP Radio Show: XO Communications Tackles Cloud, NFV and SDN

By | October 10, 2014 | Cloud, Networking | [ 0 ]

by Stephanie Hoaglund

We are very excited to join The New IP for a live radio show titled “XO Communications Tackles Cloud, NFV and SDN”, taking place on Tuesday, October 14 at 2:00 p.m. ET.…

5 Steps For Creating A Multiple Cloud Network Integration Plan

by John Grady
Developing and following a strategy that ensures your network will be able to support your business is paramount to its success. That’s no secret.  The challenge for IT departments is how to…

Corporate And Social Collaboration Take Center Stage

by Stephanie Hoaglund
With every passing year, the grey area between enterprise communication and social collaboration continues to seep into every corner of the corporate environment, leaving executives, end users and clients swept up in…

SDN, NFV and Cloud Alters Network and Data Centers of the Future

Networks and data centers need to rapidly change to keep up with the latest trends in technology. XO Chief Operating Officer, Don MacNeil, recently talked to Light Reading to explain how cloud, Software Defined Networks…

Multi-Cloud: How To Pick The Right Network Partner

by John Grady
If you are mixing and matching a variety of public and private cloud platforms to get the breadth and depth of functionality required for your cloud computing solutions, a strategic network partner…

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