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Quick Scalability Enhanced With Bandwidth On Demand (BoD)

By John Hanton 
BoD ensures that an enterprise network infrastructure is up to the challenges of the burstable cloud usage, and can return to normal after a rush has passed.
When it comes to IT…

Prepare Infrastructure For The Cloud App Explosion

By Sam Koetter
The cloud is a compelling foundation on which companies can build the customized application ecosystem of their dreams.
The rise of cloud computing has been rapid and wide-reaching, as organizations across the…

3 Easy Tips To Dissolve Cloud Risk

By Sheldon Smith
For organizations still harboring hesitation about off-premise environments, here are three easy ways to mitigate risks commonly tied to the cloud.
While cloud computing got off to a rocky start in its…

Avoidance Is Not a Security Strategy

By | November 10, 2014 | Cloud, IT, MPLS, Security | [ 0 ]

By Fran White
With all the information in the news recently about security breaches (Target, Home Depot, J.P. Morgan Chase to name a few), it is more important than ever to have a security strategy…

How Bandwidth on Demand Simplifies Network Provisioning

By John Hanton
While some trial and error may be necessary in the early stages of an AWS Direct Connect deployment, we must determine a more precise way to measure and meet bandwidth allocation demands.…

3 Essential Applications Performance Management (APM) Features

By John Grady
Today’s IT administrators are tasked with not only provisioning and implementing heavy-duty infrastructure components to deliver business applications and data, but are also responsible for continually evaluating the performance of their network…

Gartner's Top Tech Trends Reflect Growing Network Demands: Part Two

by Stephanie Hoaglund
Completing our look at Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 for the upcoming year, we explore the next five trends and how each is tied back to the demand for…