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Millennials Influence Collaboration And Flexibility With BYOD

By | December 15, 2014 | Applications, Cloud, Mobile, MPLS | [ 0 ]

By Stephanie Hoaglund
Decision-makers will have to ensure that their user policies, application offerings and IT infrastructure capabilities are prepared to keep up with the rapid pace set by the millennial contingent.
Millennials are transforming…

4 Ways The Cloud Is Revolutionizing Human Resources

By Stephanie Hoaglund
Human resources in the digital age is all about responsiveness, meeting the demands of a workforce bringing high expectations to the table. In many ways, HR serves as the internal equivalent of…

Stay On The Ball With Bandwidth Freedom

By John Hanton
From security to end user control and service level agreements, business leaders still seem to raise red flags regarding the cloud.

Risk hides in every corner of the enterprise IT environment, and…

Prepare Infrastructure For The Cloud App Explosion

By Sam Koetter
The cloud is a compelling foundation on which companies can build the customized application ecosystem of their dreams.
The rise of cloud computing has been rapid and wide-reaching, as organizations across the…

3 Easy Tips To Dissolve Cloud Risk

By Sheldon Smith
For organizations still harboring hesitation about off-premise environments, here are three easy ways to mitigate risks commonly tied to the cloud.
While cloud computing got off to a rocky start in its…

Is the NFL Ready for Some…Wi-Fi?!

By | October 28, 2014 | Communications | [ 0 ]

By Chris Ancell
It’s the end of October. That means the NFL season is in full swing. Usually, that means fans talking about their fantasy teams, making predictions, and trash talking about which team is…

Corporate And Social Collaboration Take Center Stage

by Stephanie Hoaglund
With every passing year, the grey area between enterprise communication and social collaboration continues to seep into every corner of the corporate environment, leaving executives, end users and clients swept up in…