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Top 10 Telecom Trends for 2013

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By Eric Points

It’s that time of year when everyone publishes a Top 10 list.  As a product manager, I spend a lot of my waking hours thinking about where the telecom industry is heading.

This year I decided to create my own Top 10 list of items that I see impacting telecom in the coming year. Here they are:

1. The march of Ethernet continues.  The sun is quickly setting on TDM and SONET and by the end of the decade these services will be history.

2. Cloud, Cloud, and more Cloud.  Need I say more about this?

3. Growth of small cell deployments.  The avalanche of data traffic on mobile networks needs to go somewhere.

4. Rise of the machines.  Machine to machine traffic will continue to play a bigger role in networks and in our daily lives.

5. There’s an app for that.  The use of apps will consume our daily lives and personal interactions.

6. BYOD.  The blurring of the lines between work and personal life continues and presents new and unexpected challenges to enterprise IT departments.

7. A major security event will occur on the Internet.  Once again, it will become apparent that organizations have not done enough to protect their networks.

8. The launch of the new gTLDs will be delayed due to politics and bureaucracy.  Dot-com lives to see another day.

9. Business continuity planning rises to the top of the agenda.  The impact of Mother Nature over the last few years has highlighted the need for organizations to rethink how their networks are built.

10. Software-defined Networking (SDN) moves from esoteric to the practical.  What SDN really means to networks become clearer in 2013.

There are certainly other trends that deserve to be highlighted but this is only a Top 10 list.  What telecom trends matter most to you?

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About Eric Points: I'm the Director of Product Management for XO’s data products. I've got over 20 years of Telecom experience that has included managing all types of voice and data products across different customer segments. I've been recognized for having a knack for predicting where the market is heading for my products. When I'm not thinking about building the next telecom product, I enjoy quiet time at home with the family and spending time at the beach. I've got a BA in Political Science from University of Virginia and a Masters degree from University of Miami. View author profile.

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