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XO Joins the Internet Society to Push for IPv6 Adoption

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With the decrease in the availability of IPv4 addresses worldwide, the emphasis on moving to IPv6 is growing stronger every day and the Internet Society wants to help. To this end they have asked ISPs, NSPs, software/firmware/hardware providers and content delivery companies to put more emphasis behind the transition to IPv6 and have staked out June 6th to make their point. The Internet Society extensively discusses their position in detail at the World IPv6 Launch Site. Additional information can be seen at the IPv6 Week site at www.worldipv6launch.org/ where participants can sign in to back the effort.

XO fully supports the Internet Society in its effort to promote IPv6 adoption. XO has built the IP network to support IPv6 by enabling customer facing routers for IPv6 with a dual stack implementation. Additionally, XO is in process of putting xo.com into the realm of IPv6 addressing so that users can use IPv6 to reach it. There is XO IPv6 content available today for interested parties to review that explains XO’s involvement in the IPv6 adoption. You can find it at the XO IPv6 Overview web page.

To be ready for IPv6, companies should put their emphasis on the following:

  • Identify your internal IP data networks or public facing IP websites that need to be addressed with IPv6.
  • Obtain IPv6 addresses from XO or a RIR (Regional Internet Registry) contact.
  • If you’re an XO customer, work with XO to obtain IPv6 connectivity – This is available for most existing XO IP data clients with a simple service programming change.
  • Review your DNS servers and network interfaces for IPv6 capabilities and update as needed.
  • Publish your revised DNS Quad-A records (AAAA) for the main website so that you can be discovered on the Internet.
  • Participate in public facing pages such as the LinkedIn Telecomm or IPv6 groups and announce your participation on blogs or chats to advertise the transition to IPv6.

Have you made the transition to IPv6 yet?  If not, let us know what barriers you have encountered toward IPv6 adoption.

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